Hot Tub Buyers Guide

“I just got out of my hot tub and I wouldn’t give it up for a million dollars. It does so much for me.” — Customer e-mail  HOT TUB MYTH #1 “We’ll buy it and never use it.” Look, we’re not talking about a stationary bike or rowing machine here. Hot tubs are not only … Read More

Everybody’s doing it! Putting a hot tub in strange & wonderful locations, that is. Here are three that caught my eye recently: 1. NEXT TO THE HELIPAD AT A HOTEL IN BANGKOK. What do you think of when you think Peninsula Hotels? Chances are it’s some combination of luxury, business travel, and personalized service. The … Read More

What’s with all this rain? I guess it’s normal, but it seems excessive. Doesn’t it? It’s not just rain. It’s hail, sleet, snow proving that winter’s  still here. The Seattle Times says it’s La Nina and we’ve got to get used to it.  Rain is forecast for today, tomorrow and through the weekend and beyond. … Read More

Yes.  There is a secret to keeping your brain sharper, longer.  I’ll tell you what it is upfront.  It’s stress relief. Stress damages the brain in every way that cognition can be measured. That’s a fact. We’re celebrating  Brain Awareness Week this week.  It’s a good time to talk about stress relief, hot tubbing and … Read More

When you hot tub, it’s all about the 5 senses from touch to sight to hearing and smell.  One of the most powerful of the human senses is smell.  When you’re going for deep relaxation, don’t overlook the power of smell to change the way you feel. Colorful and fragrant Spazazz Therapy Crystals set the … Read More

A recent survey by the American Podiatric Medical Association revealed that 53 percent of respondents reported foot pain so bad it hampered their daily life. Yikes! That’s over half the population! I can believe it.  Over the years so many  of our  Olympic Hot Tub customers have told me that hot tub soaking was one … Read More

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