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HAPPY HOT TUB NEW YEAR! “Water is one part Oxygen, two parts Hydrogen, and the rest is magic.” — C.S. Lewis When we slip into the hot tub, something inside us feels like we’re coming home. After all, our bodies are 90 percent water, and a warm soak is a way to restore ourselves spiritually, … Read More

Where to Put Your Hot Tub? 5 Tips for Choosing the Right Spot

December 20, 2012 Location, Location, Relaxation You in the hot tub, the hot tub in the perfect spot= true bliss. Yes, I know it’s winter. After winter comes spring. Many people are starting to dream of spring projects. Take advantage of the cold weather when you don’t do much outside but dream of warmer days … Read More

Weather forecasters are warning Puget Sound residents to plan now for a colder, wetter and snowier winter. With a mini La Nina weather pattern bringing more cold weather to the region-think snow & freezing rain-you’ll want to be prepared. For the scary stuff on how to cope,  go to a new website prepared by King … Read More

Whirled Peace on Earth Hot tub help for holiday stress  Stress increases when you’re too busy for leisure time to relax, unwind and spend quality time reconnecting with family and friends. Sound you’re your holiday season? Your Hot Spring Spa can help. Schedule some time every day to soak away you stress, boost your health, … Read More

Hot Tub Astronomers! Geminids Meteor Shower Tonight! Hop in your steaming Hot Spring Spa and enjoy one of the best light shows of the year-the Geminids Meteor. A new moon on Thursday-December 13th- night means inky skies and optimal viewing conditions. (Seattle: Pray for clear skies). Meteors should start to fall as early as 9 … Read More

Submerging yourself in the heated water, surrounded by the massaging jets and aromatic scents feels absolutely delicious in the winter months. The philosopher, Alan Watts, used to say, “Consciousness loves contrast.”  On a cold day, you body craves heat; on a hot day, you crave cold. Instead of curling up by the fireplace piled with … Read More

What’s with all this rain? I guess it’s normal, but it seems excessive.  Doesn’t it? Let’s do better than endure this weather in the long season of the rain.  Let’s enjoy it and make the most of it by going out to the hot tub tonight rain, sleet, snow or not! If you were wise … Read More

Freshwater hot tubs are great for recreation and restoration, as people have known for centuries. For a new wave of relaxation, easy care and therapeutic benefits, salt-water care is the new must have for hot tubs. And, the ACE Salt Water Sanitizing System exclusive to Hot Spring Spas is the #1 choice of all savvy … Read More

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