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We were surprised to receive a big red plaque announcing that we had won a “Top Dealer” award from FreeFlow Spas a few weeks ago.  Surprised and grateful. A big thanks to FreeFlow for giving us this award and a big thank you to our entire staff, especially Exelane, Rick and Robert in the Lacey … Read More

My Friend, Matt Giovanisci owner of Swim University interviewed me a few weeks ago about my experience in the hot tub business for his blog on the Swim University site. One question that he asked me was “What’s the one thing you love most about the hot tub industry?”  I can never give a short … Read More

The weather forecast says rain tomorrow and rain for the foreseeable days ahead. The rains (and maybe snow) are here and we many not see a break for weeks. Too, the Farmers’ Almanac forecasts a very hard winter here in the northwest. How to cope with the gray? How to avoid sinking into a depressing … Read More

HOW’S YOUR HOT TUB COVER? I’m only asking because they’re a very important part of your hot tub experience-from energy costs to easy lifting, Yet, they’re frequently neglected, overlooked and leaking heat until they get so heavy they can’t be lifted. They can even look as bad as the on int he photo! Yes, hot … Read More

A Hot Tub & A Good Cigar. What a great place for a cigar smoker! The hot tub is the perfect backyard smoker’s refuge!  A few years ago we sold an Olympic Hot Tub to a crusty old character who owned a sand & gravel company on the Eastside. He was tough as tough could … Read More

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