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1,000,000 hot tubs. That’s the milestone that Watkins Manufacturing is celebrating this month.  What a feat!  Watkins Manufacturing, the maker of Hot Spring, Limelight and Hot Spot Hot tubs, is the first company to reach that number in the industry! As near as I can tell the next largest manufacturer has made fewer than 500,000. … Read More

Buying a hot tub? One of the big things to consider in your search is the delivery of that 500lb hot tub. Most people don’t think to ask the following: How will that hot tub get into my backyard or on my deck? Will my new hot tub be dropped off in my driveway (which … Read More

Exercising in your hot tub offers a healthy, fun way to relax and improve muscle tone at the same time. Hot tub exercises provide simple physical exertion that can promote tension release and relieve muscle tightness.  They’re particularly good if you suffer from arthritis or fibromyalgia because they’re so gentle.  You can go at your own … Read More

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