Saunas and Weight Loss

Here’s the number one question prospective sauna buyers want to ask when they come to one of our Olympic Hot Tub storesCan a sauna help me lose weight?

Saunas, they’re thinking,  are all the rage these days – the hottest ticket lose-weight-without-the-work luxury item.

It’s the unspoken question because no one wants to feel silly or accused of being taken in by online ads.

Everyone knows that a sauna makes you feel great. But do they work for weight loss? In a word: absolutely. Read on…

Call it New Age all you want, saunas have been used by many cultures throughout the world for thousands of years for their health benefits. From Scandinavia to ancient Rome to the native North America tribes, sweating has been used as a way to improve mental and physical health alike.

Sitting in a sauna relieves stress by helping you to relax. The heat is soothing, and makes it easy for one to momentarily shed your mental baggage and bask in the moment. Shedding emotional baggage is one of the keys to shedding physical baggage (as in pounds on one’s body) say many weight loss experts.

Relieving stress makes it easier to avoid those emotional triggers that cause us to succumb to temptations and consume comfort foods that contribute to weight gain. Sauna bathing will improve your state of mind by raising your mood giving you more optimism and energy to face your life and all its challenges, not least of which is the challenge of sticking with your chosen diet. A calmer mind and a better mood can only help you live a more active and productive life, one so satisfying that you’re inspired to be as good and loving to yourself as you can possibly be. Many people swear by the “self-love” diet.

Hand in hand with relieving stress, a sauna helps lower blood pressure and aids in digestion, both of which make it easier for the body to maximize the nutritional benefits of the food you eat, processing and absorbing more of the nutrients and eliminating less of them as waste. This helps us prevent excess weight gain from poor digestion and it helps us stave of hunger from nutrient depletion.

But the benefits of saunas in losing weight don’t stop at stress relief.

In a hot, steamy sauna, the body produces sweat, an activity that requires the burning of calories. That’s right: sweating burns calories.

Another way sweating helps burn calories is by raising the heart rate. The steam and hot temperatures of a sauna prompt the heart to pump a bit faster in order to distribute more blood to all the body’s capillaries, giving the effect of a small cardiovascular workout. And, as we all know, an increased heart rate burns more calories.

So, yes, you can literally lose weight just by sitting in a nice, hot sauna. A sauna should not be the mainstay of one’s weight loss program, but as I’ve outlined above, sauna bathing can be a helpful tool for determined dieters.

Sauna bathing additionally benefits your health by helping boost your immune system. In a sauna, the body temperature raises to the point where the body mimics a fever. In a fever state, the body begins fighting off whatever caused the perceived illness, thereby giving your immune system a safe and healthy little boost.

Along the same lines, saunas also effectively help rid the body of harmful toxins, like sodium, lead, and  mercury.

But one caution: if you’re using a sauna to lose weight, weight loss from dehydration (water weight-loss) must be regained. Trying to lose a considerable amount of weight loss from sweating is not a healthy or sustainable weight loss. Drinking water should always be a part of a healthy session in a sauna – before, during, and after.

Instead of rushing to the scale after each session in the sauna to see how much you’ve lost, just appreciate the gradual and  weight loss from regular healthy and properly hydrated use of a sauna over time.  Sauna bathing has helped many Olympic Hot Tub customers lose weight in a healthful way. The mindful benefit from taking the time to relax are alone worth the effort of using a sauna regularly!

Has using a sauna helped you with weight loss? Post a comment and share your story. I’d love to hear from you.

The good sweat starts with a Finnleo Sauna from Olympic Hot Tub Company.




Author: Don Riling

Don Riling is the President of Olympic Hot Tub and has been an active member of the hot tub industry for over 25 years. As the company’s owner since 2016, he has continued Olympic’s legacy of promoting health & wellness through hot water therapy.

8 responses to “Saunas and Weight Loss

  1. Sauna bathing additionally benefits your health by helping you boost the immune system. Look at the Russian baths: Sauna and after that jumping in the Freezing Icy water..!!
    I agree with you that the Weight Loss itself s not that hard, or at least not the hardest part of the whole plan.
    Keeping he weight Off, or More Like “Loose Weight” moment that comes after the short and starving dieting is the hardest task to achieve.

    1. Hello Ivan:
      Thanks for writing. Not sure that jumping into freezing water is popular here in the U.S. ,but no matter. As you say, keeping the weight off is the hardest
      part. A sauna can be a big help.

    1. That’s true that saunas burn off water weight. But think of all of the detox benefits as you say-reason enough to use a sauna, don’t you think?.
      Thanks for writing.

  2. Saunas have many side benefits, not only loosing weight. Look at some of the research I found:

    An examination of 213 male psoriasis patients showed neither a positive nor a negative influence on the skin lesions for 87,9% of the patients, an improvement for 10,7% and a deterioration for 1,4% in a sauna bath. Evaporation measurements of untreated psoriasis in a sauna bath showed a 50% decrease in perspiration. This was proved also by the silicone print method. These values increased after removal of the psoriasis-scales. Skin temperature measured at the same time did not show any difference.

    Thanks for the informative site,

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