Hot Tub Care

A Hot Tub at Home Saves Time, Energy and Money

How can a hot tub at home save you time, energy and money? Find out now by taking this mini-quiz. 1. Do you take long, hot showers/baths to help soothe sore muscles, the pain of arthritis, or just to make you feel better? 2. Do you take long hot showers/baths to help you sleep or … Read More

It’s the second day of Spring and all thoughts to a clean hot tub, right? Why do it yourself? Trust your hot tub to Olympic Hot Tub Company’s professional Valet Service. You can relax! We take the work out of relaxing. You’ll find your hot tub clean and ready whenever you want to use it. … Read More

As we continue our celebration of  Brain Awareness Week, I’m reminded what many of our Olympic Hot Tub customers call their hot tubs: “think tanks.” Years ago I sold a Hot Spring Classic to a woman who had been working 6-ten  hour days a week. She had the hot tub installed and began to use … Read More

The Wall Street Journal reported on  “brain gyms” last year which prompted a flood of articles touting mental gymnastics for staying alert, sharp and “cognitively healthy”. Especially popular with baby boomers , brain gyms offer a number of ways to work out on 20 computer stations loaded with “mental fitness” software, including a “neurobics circuit” … Read More

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