What’s Hot in Hot Tubs? Salt Water! Top 7 Reasons Why a Salt Water Hot Tub is the Way to Go!

Have you heard about salt water hot tubs?  They’re the hottest thing in the hot tub world. And, the ACE Salt Water  System for Hot Spring Spas and Limelight Hot Tubs is salt water perfection! Our Oympic Hot Tub Company customers have been snapping up these systems because they understand the value of having hot tub water care that is simple!  66% of all Hot Spring Spas are being sold with the ACE system!!

The sad thing is that there are people who are not buying hot tubs because they still think that adding chlorine every day, using a test kit, trying to balance the water with pH up and down and all sorts of other products is the way it has to be. WRONG! The NEW ACE Salt Water Sanitizing System has taken hot tub water care a quantum leap into the future.  Hands down ACE makes hot tub water care easy, safe, cost-effective, environmentally responsible, natural, and, just plain, enjoyable. In other words, everything you want for your hot tub care!!

The ACE SALT Water Sanitizing System uses a diamond electrode to automatically generate natural cleaning power using salt and water.  This system is only available on Hot Spring Spas and Limelight Hot Tubs.  Here are the top 7 reasons why salt water with the ACE system is the way to go:

1. Water is softer, cleaner. Looks, feels and smells fresh. No more cloudy water or dank odors.

2. Water is sparkling clean which means sanitary and safe for you and your family.

3. You’ll have fewer bottled products to buy, measure, pour and worry about.

4. You’ll save time because it’s more hands free.

5. You’ll own a water care system that’s the ONLY easy system on the market today.  It’s automated and more hands-free. One glance tells you it’s working!

6. You’ll eliminate dry skin, irritated eyes and chlorine odors. A huge bonus for children and those with sensitive skin (just about everyone these days!).

7. It’s environmentally safe and natural. You’ll have greater peace of mind knowing you’re not bathing in a vat of chemicals. The ACE system generates the precise amount of cleaners your Hot Spring Spa or Limelight Hot Tub requires based on its size and your use level. Since there are no excess chemicals, which often occur with manual dosing, your spa water should last longer between changes. That conserves water and saves you money. When you do drain your spa, the water has less impact on the environment because only salt has been added to the balanced water.

If you don’t have an ACE Salt Water Sanitizing System, you’re working too hard on hot tub care  and NOT getting the clean water and soft skin you should demand. Come into any Olympic Hot Tub Company location for a free demonstration.

RES EST SERVAS VOLUPTAS. Pleasure is serious business.

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Author: Don Riling

Don Riling is the President of Olympic Hot Tub and has been an active member of the hot tub industry for over 27 years. As the company’s owner since 2016, he has continued Olympic’s legacy of promoting health & wellness through water.

18 responses to “What’s Hot in Hot Tubs? Salt Water! Top 7 Reasons Why a Salt Water Hot Tub is the Way to Go!

  1. Is the water in the hot tub actually salt water? I have psoriasis, and salt water helps my skin, i could really use a salt water tub.

  2. Hello William:
    The ACE Salt Water System takes salt + water & put the 2 through a diamond electrode which converts these 2 natural ingredients into water cleaners. I don’t know what level of salt in the water would be best for your psoriasis. My best advice, test soak in a Hot Spring Spa with the Ace system so you’ll know!
    Thanks for writing,

  3. Can you change a chemical hot tub over to salt water and what does it consist of in doing so?

  4. Hello Soni:
    You can only change to our ACE salt system if you have a Hot Spring Spa from the year 2004 onward. Otherwise, the retrofit kit does not work on other spas.
    Thanks for asking.
    Best wishes,

  5. we have the ace system and are having a bad time trying to get rid of the foam we have gotten out of it the last two night because it is so bad. we have only had the tub for two months so we are new to this…….any help would be wonderful…….

  6. Hi Lynda & Haley:
    Our service manager emailed you about your foamy hot tub, but hasn’t heard back from you. Here’s what he says: It sounds to me like the foam wasn’t there until the last couple of nights before they posted the questions. This leads me to believe that it’s either something they introduced to the tub like lotions, deodorants, or laundry detergent in their suits; or it’s related to high PH. It’s normal for the PH to rise with the ACE system especially when it’s brand new. I recommend testing the PH first and bringing it back down into range with PH down. They’ll also want to be sure they have an adequate amount of chlorine in the tub to be sure the problem isn’t cause by a lack of sanitizer. If the chlorine is low, they may just need to reconfirm the settings on the ACE system.
    Hope this answers your question & you can soak foam free.
    Thanks for writing,

  7. I have had major issues with allergies for my whole life. Mother Nature hates me! The only place I am allergy free is on a beach at the ocean. Since moving is not an option for me I am curious to know if it would help me. I was also concerned about maintenance for a salt water unit.

    Thank you…..Lesa

  8. Hello Lesa:
    We have had excellent reports from our customers who suffer from eczema that salt water has allowed them to enjoy their tubs again. The same with our SilkBalance natural water care option. I am not sure about allergies. Suggest you head to a Hot Spring Spa dealer and try a hot tub with salt. The salt system has far less maintenance than a hot tub that uses chlorine
    or bromine!
    Let me know how your test soak goes!
    Best wishes,

  9. Thank you for writing Cloudja.
    The ACE SALT Water Sanitizing System uses a diamond electrode to automatically generate natural cleaning power using salt and water. This system is only available on Hot Spring Spas and Limelight Hot Tubs.No chlorine is added.
    The beauty of this system is that it is calibrated to give you exactly enough cleaning power for your hot tub. And, the system is integrated into your hot tub’s control panel. Simple and easy to use.
    Happy hot tubbing,

  10. Hello Victoria:
    The ACE system is certainly the way to go!
    Don’t know where you live or the exact age of your Hot Spring Spa. When you say older-what year?
    You’ll need to know in order to know if ACE can be retrofit to your hot tub. If you live in Puget Sound, call our
    service Center 1-800-431-2876
    M-F 8-5. If not, call your local dealer for price and retrofit options.

    Happy hot tubbing,

  11. I’ve had my Hot Springs tub with the ACE system for about 2 months now. Initially you’ll have to add chlorine and a few other things but once the ACE electrode is ramped up and the water balanced you’ll rarely have to add chlorine or anything else. I love the cleaning effects and the silky smooth skin from the salt system, say goodbye to dry and itchy skin. Mine tub took about 3 weeks to be properly balanced and running smooth. The Hot Springs dealer was very friendly and knowledgeable on ACE. (no i’m not affiliated with them).

  12. I live in Redmond, OR, and have a Catalina 9000 six person hot tub. It was purchased new in 2012. Can it be retrofitted with the ACE salt system? If so, at what cost? I believe you have a dealer 15 miles away in Bend?

  13. Jim–Thanks for your question. The ACE Salt System is specifically designed for use with Hot Spring Spas. Unfortunately, it is not something you can retrofit to another hot tub brand.

  14. I have 04 hot springs envoy. What does it take to change this to a salt water system? About how much is the price?

  15. Julie–Your local Hot Spring dealer can give you a rundown on cost and what conversion entails. If you’re unsure where to find your closest dealer, you can do so a http://www.hotspring.com.

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