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Top 10 Posts on Hot Tub Bliss for 2011

Drum roll, please! As the last days of the year pass by, it’s time to announce the most popular posts on  Hot Tub Bliss for 2011. 1. Hot tub water care is ever the mysterious art for many hot tub owners. That’s why “Cloudy Hot Tub Water? Clear it up NOW. Use SeaKlear Natural Clarifier” … Read More

Freeflow Spas Purchased by Industry Leader Watkins Manufacturing

Big News this month-It’s the acquisition of  Freeflow Spas®  a leader in the rotationally molded spa category by Watkins Manufacturing of Vista, California.  Watkins, the leading maker of hot tubs worldwide, now has a roto-molded spa to add to their portfolio of premium brands that includes Limelight® Spas and HotSpring® Spas, the world’s number one … Read More

Everyone’s looking for perfection. And, on a daily basis. It’s true that for many people being in a hot tub is the closest thing to perfection they’re apt to find in their daily life, but it can always get better, right?! Check out these 5 ways to create the perfect hot tub environment! The right … Read More

What Are You Drinking in the Hot Tub? Ever Tried “Relaxation” Drinks?

What are you drinking in the hot tub? Well! That’s a personal question, isn’t it? I’m just wondering if anyone’s tried relaxation beverages (!) in the hot tub to deepen their experience. It’s the time of year when we’re all grasping at straws trying to find something to help us relax more quickly, more deeply. … Read More

Holidays stress getting you down?Stress builds up when you feel you’re too busy, don’t have enough leisure time to relax and unwind, or enough “quality time” to reconnect with family and friends. These feelings can certainly be exaggerated during the holidays. How to cope with all that stress? Make time to use your Hot Spring … Read More

Submerging yourself in the heated water, surrounded by the massaging jets and aromatic scents is absolutely delicious in the winter months. The philosopher, Alan Watts, used to say, “Consciousness loves contrast.”  On a cold day, you body craves heat; on a hot day, you crave cold. Instead of curling up by the fireplace piled with … Read More

We were surprised to receive a big red plaque announcing that we had won a “Top Dealer” award from FreeFlow Spas a few weeks ago.  Surprised and grateful. A big thanks to FreeFlow for giving us this award and a big thank you to our entire staff, especially Exelane, Rick and Robert in the Lacey … Read More

My Friend, Matt Giovanisci owner of Swim University interviewed me a few weeks ago about my experience in the hot tub business for his blog on the Swim University site. One question that he asked me was “What’s the one thing you love most about the hot tub industry?”  I can never give a short … Read More

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