Hot Tub Buyers Guide

1.Buy the dealer before you buy the spa. Do business only with a dealer who will give you service as good after the sale as before your purchase.  Choosing a spa dealer is the most important choice you have to make in the buying process.  Pick a business that is trustworthy and can offer the … Read More

Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade To a New Hot Spring Spa This Fall

1. NEW ACE Salt Sanitizing System-The First Completely Integrated Salt System for Hot Tubs-Cleaner water with no hassle. Using a diamond electrode that breaks salt into powerful sanitizers, Hot Spring’s exclusive ACE Salt Sanitizing System is integrated with the control panel. One glance tells you it’s working. Less work for you and better for the … Read More

Is a Hot Tub As Beneficial As A Massage?

Here’s exciting news published by the New York Times Tuesday about the health benefits of massage. What if you had your own personal masseuse at home in a Hot Spring Spa? Especially if you have a spa with Moto-Massage-the jet that sweeps up and down your back for a full back massage! Imagine a warm … Read More

Poetic Words About Hot Tub Water Care

It’s not every day that I get a poem about hot tub water care. Most of the time it’s serious business or a hassle.  That’s why reading this was so much fun. Olympic Hot Tub owner, Jo Moore writes:  Sorry it was hazy that day so the North Cascades are not showing in the distance.    … Read More

Hot Tub Fashion Week Finale: Hats for the Hot Tub

The UMBRELLA HAT. Fashionable? Not really. Functional? Yes! Better than a baseball cap when you’re hot tub soaking in the rain. Absolutely YES! They’re a great-looking way to keep your head dry on those rainy spa nights and days like today! Either wear one or hug an umbrella as you soak in your Hot Spring … Read More

Hot Tub Fashion Week: Best Towel and Decorative Clip

Have you ever heard of Aquis towels? They’re not cotton. That’s the first thing that’s different about them. They’re a super absorbent microfiber that wicks water from your hair and skin more thoroughly than other towels. They’re very soft, lightweight and durable. I’ve had mine for years and it only gets  more soft and absorbent … Read More

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