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Why Not Take Your Hot Tub Camping??!!

Well, if you really MUST have a hot tub when you go camping, here’s one idea. From the DesignCrack.com archives, it’s called the DutchTub. The Dutch Tub is one of those ingenious ideas where you wonder, ” Why has no-one thought of this before?”  (Or maybe not?). It’s a bit like an old-fashioned wood fired … Read More

It’s National Dog Day, But Dogs in Your Hot Tub? Not a Good Idea

Dogs in the hot tub? Well, you might make an exception for today-it’s National Dog Day-August 26th. More people have dogs for pets than any other animal. Why? Because they are loving and loyal companions. They treat us better than we treat each other. Here is one day to recognize and honor them for their … Read More

Hot Tub Best Purchase We’ve Ever Made Says Happy Owner

Some letters just make your day! Here’s one I received last week from a happy Olympic Hot Tub owner. We were on vacation at the Sun Valley Writers’ Conference when I received this.  And, as I read it over, I couldn’t help but think that none of the distinguished writers were as eloquent as Peter … Read More

Wear a Bathing Suit in Your Hot Tub? Thank Coco Chanel

It’s the birthday today of Coco Chanel who invented the modern bathing suit using jersey traditionally reserved for mens underwear. She was born on August 19, 1883 and lived to age 88  working up to the day she died in 1971. Sure, her original suits had bottoms to the knee and long sleeves, but at … Read More

Like To Read In The Hot Tub? The AquaReader Is For You!

You have to admit that trying to read in your Hot Spring Spa is challenging. Either the book gets wet or your arms get tired holding it aloft.  I know. I’ve been know to sit motionless for hours in the hot tub absorbed in an engrossing novel. It’s only my tired arms that make me … Read More

What To Do in The Hot Tub? Give Your Partner a Hand Reflexology Massage!

A really nice thing to do in your Hot Spring Spa is give your partner (and receive!) a hand reflexology massage. We all suffer from things like headaches and backaches from time to time and hand reflexology just might provide quick relief. Hand reflexology is not as well known as foot reflexology, but the principles … Read More

Limelight Hot Tubs Are Now ACE Salt Water Sanitizing System Ready

Limelight Hot Tubs were created with the top desires of consumers in mind. Innovative Design Makes Limelight Hot Tubs Stand Out from the Crowd We’ve thought of everything! All you need to do is get in and relax!  Step into it.  Limelight Hot Tubs are sleek, elegant, and designed for maximum pleasure. They’re made by … Read More

Hot Tub Astronomy

Hot tub astronomy is a great thing to do in the summer. Olympic Hot Tub Company customers tell me that it is one of the top benefits of owing a Hot Spring Spa-being out in nature and seeing the stars.  So, sit in your hot tub late at night and star gaze. Say a thank … Read More

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