ACE Salt Water Sanitizing System

Story of a Hot Tub Sale: Customer and Saleswoman Hug at the End!

Here’s a story of the perfect way to buy a hot tub from Linda Wood in the Fife Olympic Hot Tub Company store. It’s the story of a sale and how Linda listened to her customer, Gloria M.  She found out why Gloria needed a spa; she’s suffering from juvenile arthritis.  She heard that Gloria … Read More

TOP 10 Tips for Caring for Your Hot Tub Filters

Filters are the hardest working component in your hot tub system. And, they’re the first line of defense in maintaining a clean and healthy hot tub. You can lengthen the time between draining and filling your spa by following these tips for maintenance: ONE: Add SeaKlear Shock every time you get out of the spa … Read More

Enjoy Your Hot Tub without Itchiness and Rash!

Many of our Olympic Hot Tub owners are switching to SilkBalance natural water care for spas & hot tubs. Here’s a letter from a new fan who  swears by SilkBalance for her hot tub.  Read the recent email: Dear Alice, I purchased our first bottle of  SilkBalance a couple of months ago after asking some … Read More

Hot Tub Meditation

April 21, 2011 buy killers moivie high quality Having a hot tub can be a sensational thing, in every sense of the word. The warm water has a  way of rejuvenating all the senses, and makes a long and exhausting day melt away in just minutes. For stress relief, along with many other health benefits, … Read More

Use Feng Shui To Create A Restful Setting for Your Hot Tub

The ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui may not spring to mind when you’re considering where to put your hot tub.  But the principles of balance and flow embodied in Feng Shui are also good principles of design from any point of view. Feng Shui is an art form that has been practiced in the … Read More

Grandkids Love the Hot Tub Now That the Water’s Clean

watch entire player 5150 film full harry potter and the deathly hallows: part 1 film hd somewhere hd download hd valhalla rising I love receiving emails from Olympic Hot Tub owners who are enthusiastic about the products we sell.  Read this email for more reasons to try SilkBalance: SilkBalance is a great product.  It is … Read More

Hot Tub Soaking in the Rain

It was raining hard as we soaked in our Hot Spring Spa last night. The Duke/Butler game had just ended and we needed a way to wind down.  (What a game!) I had a towel on my head and Blair had a baseball cap. His favorite? “Cascade Land Conservancy”. The water felt delicious. There’s no … Read More

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