Hot Tubs and Health

What is RLS And How Can Soaking in a Hot Tub Help?

Soaking in a hot tub before bed or even during the day can ease the cramping and pains that are symptoms of  RLS. That is Restless Leg Syndrome. If you know have it, you typically know it. If you have these symptom repeatedly, though, check with your doctor. Restless legs syndrome (RLS) is a neurological … Read More

How a Hot Tub at Home Saves Time, Energy and Money

  website to watch full metal jacket the film How can a hot tub at home save you time, energy and money? Find out now by asking yourself the following questions: *Do you take long, hot showers/baths to help soothe sore muscles, the pain of arthritis, or just to make you feel better? *Do you … Read More

Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Hot Tub Now!

FAMILY GATHERING PLACE– Flip open the hot tub cover, start the jets and watch how everyone in the family tends to leave the TV room or computer station and head for a soak.  You don’t have to say anything; if you lead them they will come! MORNING REFRESHER-Start the day with a refreshing soak while … Read More

Hot Tub Dry Skin is OVER Thanks to SilkBalance

I love it when our hot tub owners do balletic routines in the tub. Here’s an email from happy high kicker, Barb Apple. To Alice at Olympic Hot Tub, I am happy to share my experience with SilkBalance with you all.  Before I started using SilkBalance I was experiencing a continuous difficulty with dry skin.  … Read More

Hot Tub Monkeys in Japan Copy Human Behavior

Snow monkeys are quick learners! In the 1950s, Japanese macaques of the mountainous Shiga Heights region, also known as snow monkeys, took advantage of a beneficial environmental change: humans altered the temperature of some volcanic hot springs to make the water more comfortable for bathers. The snow monkeys, no dummies, took a cue from the … Read More

How You Can Save The Whales While Soaking in Your Hot Tub!

More on how you can save the whales while soaking in your hot tub! This just in from Susan Berta, founder of the Orca Network which monitors whale movements and behavior in Puget Sound.  She asks hot tub owners who live on the water to let her know if they see or hear whales. Hi … Read More

Chocolate “Flights” in the Hot Tub? “Flights” not “Fights”!

Yes, I talking about doing a chocolate sampling while soaking in your Hot Spring Spa!! twelve monkeys online divx (On the way into bed you’ll brush you teeth, of course).  What a fabulous way to end your day-sampling the best chocolate while hot tub soaking!  I got the idea for chocolate “flights” in the hot … Read More

Smart Home Owner Adds Hot Tub to Rental Home

Here’s how savvy Seattle homeowner and Olympic Hot Tub Company Limelight Hot Tub owner, Nancy Williams, lists her home on Second Porch-a home rental search site: “Charming and cozy bungalow with an incredible downtown location. 5 minutes from the Seattle Center and easy access to all downtown areas. Yet, you can walk to Queen Anne … Read More

New! ACE Salt Sanitizing System for Hot Spring Spas

Introducing ACE-the first and only fully integrated salt sanitizing system for hot tubs using diamond technology.  Enjoy clean, pure,  luxurious feeling water. Hot Spring Spas has revolutionized the way that hot tub owners care for their water. The new ACE Salt System let’s you enjoy the absolute best lifetime ownership experience with a Hot Spring … Read More

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