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Our New Year’s Eve ritual? We always soak in the hot tub to close out a year. Soaking in our Hot Spring Spa Prodigy model is the perfect way to say good bye to the old year and ring in the new one.   This year will be even more significant because New Year’s Eve has … Read More

“Recovering procrastinators of pleasure”..that’s what social scientists called the people who put off until tomorrow what they could enjoy today! So use your hot tub, use your sauna, cash in the gift cards, take a vacation with all of your frequent flyer miles and open that special bottle of wine tonight..if you know what’s good … Read More

Christmas Eve-We’ll Be in the Hot Tub!

how to download xxx the film full she’s out of my league film high quality Christmas Eve after we’ve unwrapped our presents, we head to our Hot Spring Spa to talk and share our memories of Christmases past, our loved ones and our hopes for the future. The chill air is a perfect contrast with … Read More

Holidays stress getting you down? Stress builds up when you feel you’re too busy, don’t have enough leisure time to relax and unwind, or enough “quality time” to reconnect with family and friends. These feelings are often exaggerated during the holidays. How to cope? Make time to use your Hot Spring Spa for quality time, … Read More

’tis the season when many people suffer severe migranes and there’s no better place to go to alleviate a migrane than your Hot Spring Spa. Physiologically, the migraine headache is a neurological condition more common to women than to men. The word migraine was based on Greek hemikrania, from Greek roots for “half” and “skull” … Read More

Thanks to the generosity of our Puget Sound area Olympic Hot Tub customers and friends, we’ve collected boxes and boxes of Toys for Tots-more toys than last year! The Hot Spring Spa full of toys is in our Issaquah store.  The big teddy bear arrived in the Everett store two weeks ago! Tomorrow, Friday, December … Read More

Rubber Duck Christmas Tree

What hot tub soaker’s life is complete without a Christmas Tree decorated entirely with rubber ducks? Sunday’s Seattle Times featured a story in Pacific Magazine on a home with 12 decorated Christmas trees. The most important, for our point of view, is the rubber duckie tree in the bathroom next to the jetted tub complete … Read More

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