Hot Tub Care

See this photo of a bottle of Chlorox? Our Valet Team member, Chris Nordby, took this photo at a hot tub owner’s home this week.  While we don’t like to call ourselves the “hot tub police”, we will speak out when we see something that’s just plain WRONG! You’ve purchased a Hot Spring Spa to … Read More

Hot tub soakers & stargazers this is your night! Avid astronomy fans are planning to look up and search the skies for this month’s Orionid meteor showers. Occurring from October 17th through October 25th, there is some disagreement among scientists about the peak-was it last night or tonight? Either way, you’re in for a treat.  … Read More

Squirrels in the hot tub? Hold on to your bird-feeders, everyone, because October is Squirrel Awareness Month! Whether you consider them pets or pest, it’s hard not to be aware of these fuzzy fiends who are most active right now collecting nuts for winter. There is a truly mind-boggling amount of information on squirrels floating … Read More

Covers are the great protector of your Hot Spring Spa and your energy bill! A cover that is made to fit your hot tub properly will create a vapor lock to hold in the heat, keep your water free of debris , and ultimately save you money. Winter’s coming! How do you know if you … Read More

Most people think of their Hot Spring Spas as alternative/ therapeutic vessels for wellness.   The last thing they want to think about is soaking in a vat full of chemicals. In the last two years at Olympic Hot Tub Company we’ve made an effort to ‘go green’ with all of our water care products. “Green” … Read More

At Olympic Hot Tub Company we keep 7-YES! seven- Hot Spring Spa models fully operational in each of our stores. They are all full of water, heated and treated with our green water care products. And we encourage people to ‘test out’ the tubs. Our goal is for you the customer/ potential customer to know … Read More

Fibromyalgia is a debilitating condition for many people.  Some real relief may result from using a hot tub. There’s hope for sufferers who use a hot tub regularly. Those in pain inadvertently clench their muscles in response to the pain which invariably leads to more pain.  I’s a vicious cycle.  Blood flow to the areas … Read More

I meet a lot of people in the course of a year. When I tell them I am the owner of Olympic Hot Tub Company , I get one of two reactions. Some are already avid hot tub soaking fans and start the conversation with an exclamation about their love for hot tubs.   Others ask … Read More

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