Hot Tubs and Health

Study Shows Warm-Water Therapy Aids in Recovery Process for Knee Replacement Patients Although the study isn’t “hot off the press”, so many of our Olympic Hot Tub Company customers have told us about their knee replacement surgeries that I want to make sure everyone knew about this! Alexandria, VA, January 24, 2007 – A recent … Read More

I miss my hot tub! Yes, it’s there on the roof ready to use. Hot, clean, inviting. Calling to me nightly. But I haven’t been able to use it. 6 weeks ago I had a skin “thing” removed that couldn’t have stitches. Without getting into the gross details, the wound had to scab over in … Read More

WE’VE HEARD THAT HOT TUB SOAKING REDUCES CELLULITE -WE HOPE IT’S TRUE! Regular hot tub soaking may help diminish the appearance of cellulite-the fatty deposits that typically gather on the hips, thighs and buttocks of most women past their 30’s. By improving circulation to areas affected by cellulite, it has been said anecdotally by many … Read More

Frogs in your hot tub? Not every one thinks a frog is a potential prince. If you’re bothered by frogs, who are only seeking water after all, you’ll have to out fox, err, out frog them. First latch the cover every night after you use the tub. If the cover does not have a tight … Read More

Did you know that the first rubber duck was invented in the late 19th Century? Made of hard rubber, the original rubber ducky was stiff, solid and made no noise. It was one of a number of rubber toys invented at around the same time, but it proved popular with children, who enjoyed playing with … Read More

Here’s a “spa” duck complete with green mud facial and a salon towel to cover her hair while its covered in conditioning treatment. She’s a great symbol for how you can use your own Hot Spring Spa as an at home day spa!  I like to put the latest hair conditioning treatment on my hair … Read More

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