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I think everyone has an unsuccessful business venture in their past.  Mine was a line of rubber jewelry for hot tubs through Olympic Hot Tub Company. It was designed to be worn in the hot tub to cover the “naughty bits” as Monty Python would say. Anyway, it didn’t go far.  I looked on line … Read More

Did you know it’s not only fun to soak in your hot tub, but it can be vital to a healthy lifestyle?  Life is stressful! Have you seen the news lately? It’s enough to send you right back to bed some mornings. Too, there are always so many things to do and never enough hours … Read More

I passed my neighborhood Tully’s this morning and already the retirees were having coffee and working sudoku puzzles.  I couldn’t resist posting this duck for your hot tub.  The pencil is a good idea if you’re new to sudoku.  Working (or attempting to work) a sudoku puzzle is a fun thing to do in the … Read More

Change the way you feel in a few minutes by soaking in your Hot Spring Spa. It’s the fastest, surest way to “dial-a-mood”. If you want to to feel energized, antic and ready to be productive, try a vigorous soak with pounding jets for 10 minutes at 104 degrees. If you’d rather feel mellow and … Read More

I love getting letters from hot tub owners about their experience with SilkBalance! Here’s one I received this past week from an Olympic Hot Tub Company Hot Spring Spa owner: Dear Alice: I really enjoy using SilkBalance in my hot tub. I use it regularly and it is so easy and convenient to use. Once … Read More

Don’t miss the full moon tonight and tomorrow night from your hot tub. It’s going to be spectacular. Stop by Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream on your way home. There are two locations now: Capitol Hill and Wallingford.  Even if it’s not on your way home, make a detour. Her ice cream is the perfect treat … Read More

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