Back Pain Relief

Scenario: You’ve purchased the quietest hot tub in the world. You’re out in your backyard soaking in your hot tub late of an evening only to have your peace and quiet shattered by airplane noise. Not just one plane, but one right after another, more than one a minute. Your peaceful evening is ruined. If … Read More

Trying to read in the hot tub is challenging. Either the book gets wet or your arms get tired holding it aloft. Print junkies rejoice! The AquaReader offers a stable, buoyant place for books, magazines and reports. The pitch is just right for viewing and there’s even a built in cup holder! Reading material stays … Read More

June is Orca awareness month throughout Puget Sound. There are many events planned to raise awareness about  the need to protect these giant creatures that live in the waters of Puget Sound. We have received a letter from Susan Berta, Whidbey Island Hot Spring Jetsetter owner about her efforts to monitor whales traveling through the … Read More

To create whirled peace in your life, consider adding a hot tub soak to your daily routine.  You won’t call it a “routine” every again.  It’s the one thing you’ll use day after day, week after week. We saw many Olympic Hot Tub owners at our warehouse sale yesterday who told us how much they … Read More

When some people think of summertime beverages they think of lemonade or Kool Aid or other thirst-quenching drinks. But when it comes to cooling off on hot days and having something wonderful and non-alcoholic to drink in my Hot Spring Spa, I personally think nothing beats a tall, cold, glass of southern-style iced tea. We … Read More

Our Olympic Hot Tub Company customer, Nancy Juetten-who from her home office runs a very successful public relations business and is famous for her do-it-yourself Publici-TeaTM Workshops, sent me an email recently about how she uses her hot tub to separate “work” from “home” -a hard thing to do while running a home based business. … Read More

Tonight is the Strawberry Moon-the name for the full moon in June. It will be clear tonight so don’t miss this chance  to soak in your Hot Spring Spa tonight and enjoy the pinkish cast on the full moon. SANUM PER AQUA. Latin for Health through Water.

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