Hot Tubs and Health

Here’s an email I received on Monday from Karen in our Olympic Hot Tub Company Fife store: I just had a water care customer in this morning who had purchased a Prodigy (Hot Spring Spa) from me. It’ll be 4 years in August. He’s an older gentleman, I’d say over (just guessing) 70 years old. … Read More

Last Friday night my husband and I went to a dinner party where the guest of honor was John Medina, author of “Brain Rules” . Dr. Medina has dual professorships at the University of Washington and Seattle Pacific University where he is involved with an institute on the brain and learning. I’ve been wanting to … Read More

Last night it felt bitter cold dashing out to our Hot Spring Prodigy model wrapped only in a towel. But, sinking into the hot water up to our chins swept all memory of cold away. The full moon over our rooftop deck shone down so brightly that we didn’t need lights in or out of … Read More

If you’re frustrated by your lack of progress on the links, it may be because your muscles aren’t warmed up when you begin play.  Many avid golf and tennis players find that soaking in a hot tub for 20 minutes before play is a way to loosen tight shoulder muscles. Many hot tubs, such as … Read More

This email was sent to me today from Karen in our Olympic Hot Tub Company Fife store. I thought the following was really adorable she said: A customer was just here getting some water care products for her Hot Spring Spa and she was talking about her 7 year old grandson who was visiting at … Read More

We just found a terrific organization: Association of Canine Water Therapy that advocates warm water therapy for injured or arthritic dogs.  Water therapy is an excellent way to help rehabilitate dogs with joint or muscle injuries, or those with arthritis and hip dysplasia. It can include underwater treadmills, assisted swimming, and warm water massage. Founded in January … Read More

  TAX DEDUCTION FOR YOUR HOT TUB? We all know that April 15th is tax day.  You want to pay your fair share, but why pay more than you have to, right? IRS regulations may allow a deduction for your hot tub purchase if your doctor recommends hot water therapy for a medical condition. At … Read More

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