Hot Tub Lifestyle

DO YOU USE YOUR HOT TUB IN AN UNUSUAL WAY? UFO WATCHING. We have a number of customers who have reported seeing UFO’s flying around at night while they were in their hot tubs. Could be they’re on the flight path to/from a military airport. Could be they have vivid imaginations. Could be….true!  Soaking without … Read More

We’ve had so much rain lately. OK..it’s a relief from the freezing temperatures and snow.  It was great fun to soak in our Hot Spring Spa with snow coming down. That is gentle soft snow with big fat flakes. The rain’s another story. Driving rain shouldn’t keep you from using the tub.  After all, what’s … Read More

So you’re making time to go out to soak in your Hot Spring Spa? But will you take a break? Will you take a book, a report, notepad, self-help audio tape, your cell phone out with you? But I’ll bet you won’t take a break. No you won’t. You’ll do something “productive”. Like filling your … Read More

Sound too good to be true? Normally you wouldn’t think that soaking in a hot tub and coffee go together.  The tub relaxes you and the caffeine gets you going.  However, if you jump in your hot tub for a short time-say 10 minutes, you’ll find that you’re revved up and ready to go. If … Read More

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