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Earlier this week, Chuck Todd, political analyst for MSNBC revealed on the morning show that his mother owned a small business selling hot tubs. He lamented that: “They haven’t sold one. They can’t sell any.” She’s located in a swing state and business is bad. He continued with: “This is one of those middle of … Read More

As soon as the weather gets chilly, most people in Japan turn to thoughts of yu (湯, hot water). The saying “yu ga ichiban no kusuri” “hot water is the best medicine is a popular maxim in Japan where hot springs have warmed people for centuries. Many people in rural areas remember the slogan “nihonjin … Read More

Olympic Hot Tub Company Hot Spring Spa owner Nancy Juetten of Bellevue, WA sent her best tip to Redbook Magazine for connecting with her husband and keeping the intimacy and love flowing between them while managing a teenage son and two busy careers: Soak up the love: “My husband and I both work from home, … Read More

 November 21st, 2008 – Our customers love Jennifer, the Manager of our Olympic Hot Tub Company store in Lacey. Our customers love their hot tubs, too! It’s not surprising that we gets heaps of fan mail.  These customers tell it all: affordable nightly pleasure with a product that gives them great peace of mind because … Read More

Ready for a short lesson in human physiology? As you immerse yourself in a hot tub, your body’s first reaction is to try and stabilize your temperature by pumping the heart faster to bring additional blood to the surface where it would normally disperse heat into the air. This increased blood flow means an increased … Read More

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