Hot Tub Lifestyle

A recent interview with George Clooney in TIME magazine revealed the following hot tub connection. Clooney told the reporter how “he wakes up every morning at 5:30AM to the hoots of a giant owl and how he climbs into his hot tub so he can hoot back, mesmerized by nature, like Tony Soprano and his … Read More

A recent fall while hiking had me search for the answer to this question. Here’s the answer: both, in time! Cold decreases blood flow, lessens inflammation, and blocks pain by numbing. Heat increases blood flow, increases elasticity of tissue, decreases stiffness, relaxes muscles and promotes healing. When injuries are new, and there is swelling present, … Read More

September 10th, 2008 – Have you ever heard of Aquis R towels? They’re not cotton. That’s the first thing that’s different about them. They’re a super absorbent microfiber that enables water to be drawn from the hair and skin more thoroughly than other towels. They’re very soft, lightweight and durable. I’ve had mine for years … Read More

Let’s face it. If you’ve had a hot tub for awhile, you know that walking barefoot out to the tub is not a good thing. Sand, dirt, rocks and whatnot stick to your feet, get into the hot tub and there you are with a mess at the bottom. Sure there are terrific little vacuums … Read More

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