10 Tips for Throwing The Perfect Memorial Day Hot Tub Party

May 22, 2014

May 22, 2014

How to create a tub full of memories by throwing the perfect Memorial Day Party?

When you host a Memorial Day hot tub party, the weather doesn’t matter – people expect to get wet, and they know they’ll have fun. Get your party started right with these 10 tips:

10.Invite the fun.

Make sure your guest list is the group that enjoys this kind of party, whether they’ll likely jump in or just hang out with the snacks. Make sure there’s room in the tub for everyone, just in case

9.Keep it clean.

Make your hot tub water sparkling clear and inviting, with plenty of clarifier and sanitizer to refresh as the evening flows.  

8.Back it up.

Just in case of a storm, a power outage, or a cranky guest, be ready to launch an out-of-the-tub activity smoothly.

7. Eat light.

Offer finger food that can be eaten in or out of the tub, such as veggies & dip, skewered fresh fruit on skewers, chicken or shrimp kabobs, egg rolls, etc. No chips in the tub.  

6.Soak before toast.

Make sure you have plenty of bottled waters, juices, and sodas to keep guests hydrated in the tub, but save the beer, wine, and liquor for afterwards. Tubbing and alcohol don’t mix – it’s a recipe for a major hangover. 

5.Suit up.

Somebody might “forget” their swimsuit, then regret it when they see everyone else make a splash. Keep a stash of spare suits to offer so no one is left out. 

4.Dry off.

You can never have too many towels! Guests may get in and out of the tub more times than one towel can absorb. Keep plenty of clean, fresh towels on hand, and stay on top of putting wet ones in the washer & dryer. Your guests will love you for it, and so will your upholstered lawn furniture.

3.Game on.

All of the action will be focus on hot tub, so pick up fun party favors, small door prizes, ducks for everyone to race, waterproof cards, floating checkerboards, etc. Solar-powered lanterns are a beautiful way to light up the night. The Hawaiian theme is always in style, and waterproof leis add to the fun.

2.Tune in.

Every party needs a soundtrack. Many newer Hot Spring Spas have wireless music and an iPod docking station. Choose your music with your guests’ taste in mind, and throw in some songs that add pizzazz to your party’s theme. 

1.Have Fun

Show your guest how to enjoy this party. Sit back, relax, and have a ball. Whatever comes up, go with the flow. Your guests will appreciate your approach to the evening and have more. And don’t forget what Memorial Day means.

Do you have some great hot tub party tips?  Please share your favorites with our readers.

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