10 Reasons Why Olympic Hot Tub Recommends Sunstar Covers

June 12, 2014

There are plenty of cheap covers out there that won’t last long or be energy efficient. Spending money on a cheap cover is asking for hassles & a quick replacement time. When you choose a Sunstar cover, you’re getting the best one made.

Olympic Hot Tub has carried Sunstar covers for 25 years.  Checkout these 10 reasons why we recommend Sunstar and carry them exclusively:

1. Better Foam.  Only virgin foam is used in Sunstar cover cores. No ground up re-purposed foam like other cover manufacturers use. Virgin foam is stronger, more durable & more energy efficient.

2. Vapor lock. Sunstar comes with an Antaeus 200 Vapor Seal, made from an exclusive plastic that is more effective at reducing the amount of steam escaping from your hot tub. Anytime you see steam escaping from a hot tub cover, you’re seeing dollar signs going with it. Antaeus 200 Vapor Seal has terrific strength, flexibility, transparency, and seal ability.

3. N-Ergy Fit™ Technology. Sunstar’s patent pending center seal prevents heat from escaping, reducing heat loss and your electric bill! 

4. Higher standard. Sunstar’s lids meet the ASTM Cover Standard like other manufacturers, but they are also independently UL Classified.

5. Marine grade Vinyl. Other manufacturers use vinyl that is not UV or mildew resistant & contain no plasticizers. That equals vinyl that rips easily, cracks easily and ages quickly. Sunstar only uses marine grade vinyl for superior performance and longevity.

6. Stress support. Sunstar reinforces every internal stress point, including hinge, handles, straps, corners, and skirt – a total of 28 locations.

7. Packed right for Shipment. Rather than the cheaper one-piece box, Sunstar uses a two-piece top and bottom box that tests at 275 pounds that protects your cover from internal shipping damage. Order the Ace Salt Water Sanitizing System and bring the ocean to your hot tub!

8. Quarter-century craftsmanship made in America. Sunstar has more than 25 years’ experience and can create a cover for almost any portable or in-ground spa.

9. Satisfying service. Sunstar’s consumer level service has won a loyal following. They’ve never been less than accommodating when we’ve called with an issue.

10. Money back. Here’s the bottom line. Three-Year Warranty! Non-prorated on both materials and workmanship… less than 1% of all Sunstar covers made have any warranty claims!

Why would you cover your spa with anything else? Put a lid on it with Sunstar Spa Covers.

Check out the Sunstar difference at Olympic Hot Tub and catch our BIG Sunstar Sale through June 22nd. Call the Service Center today 206 431-2876 or order online.

As the Romans said it, Sanum Per Aqua. Health through water.


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