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Hot Spring Limelight® Collection — Flair®

Spacious Seating for 6 with Lounge

It’s rare that you see a product that seems to be custom made just for you. It’s got style that says something about the way you live, and the lifestyle you’ve created. That’s what you’ll see in the Limelight Flair. Its dynamic features make an experience, an “experience.” And all of this comes at a value that makes perfect sense. The Limelight Flair is built for your maximum enjoyment with quality craftsmanship, always ready when you are feature and designed to last.

Hot Spring Limelight Flair Specifications

SeatsSeats: 6

JetsJets: 41

DimensionsDimensions: 7′ x 7′ x 36″ H

GallonsGallons: 310

Dry WeightDry Weight: 930 lbs. Filled Weight: 4,565 lbs.

Electrical requirementsElectrical Requirements: 230v/50amp 60Hz. Includes G.F.C.I. protected sub-panel.

That’s what the Flair hot tub is all about. It’s a MUST see when you’re hot tub shopping.

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